Navisite: Fast Track to Cloud Storage

From Tier1 Research:

NaviSite, a provider of managed hosting services to the enterprise and SMB market, is doing what many hosting companies are doing these days: getting into cloud computing. NaviSite is using Mezeo Software’s Cloud Storage Platform software as part of its effort to build out cloud computing services.

Dan Golding, Vice President and Research Director at Tier1 Research, says “Cloud storage has quickly emerged as the most popular of the new cloud services.”

At Mezeo Software, we’re pleased with the rapid adoption of our platform in the service provider market across three continents. Our success is validating our strategy that there is a significant margin opportunity in cloud storage, and that service providers will want to provide their own storage services. Our purpose-built platform allows service providers to:

• Leverage their own storage infrastructure to create their own storage cloud offering

• Extend existing service offerings and applications with Web service APIs

• Support large and complex data sets and file formats

• Scale to support a large customer base with stateless architecture

• Deliver secure file storage with 256-bit AES encryption

The platform is a Linux based software solution designed for deployment within a service provider’s own environment. It attaches to the provider’s existing storage infrastructure through any mountable file system, letting providers customize their level of service. As a stateless architecture, the platform scales linearly to support a large customer base.

In essence, we help service providers reduce that all important “time to value.”

This is exactly what Golding means when he says: “Partnering for such solutions, instead of building them yourself, can significantly strengthen the hosting provider’s product set and reduce time-to-market.”

Navisite echoes this sentiment.

“A major advantage of cloud storage for our customers is the ability to have immediate access to highly scalable storage capacity without upfront capital expense,” says Denis Martin, Chief Technology Officer at Navisite. “With Mezeo, we can quickly provide our customers the flexibility to scale up or down based on their needs without designing for peak capacity.”


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