Caution: Analysts Warn Enterprise Users of the Consequences of Using Public File Sharing Services

The challenges facing organizations never diminish – but they do change over time. As our recent CIO survey shows, cloud data mobility threats and associated security challenges are two concerns CIOs face today. In fact, CIOs are keenly aware of their responsibilities to protect company intellectual property and/or confidential data, while at the same time enabling employees to have flexibility and anytime, anywhere access to corporate data.

And now, recent events have analysts asking Enterprise Users to proceed with care. A recent spam-attack on Dropbox file-sharing service prompted Forrester’s John Kindervag to state:

“I am doubtful that they [Dropbox] are enterprise-ready at this time… their focus and incentives are not yet properly aligned.”

Kindervag points out that “the bigger problem for businesses is that workers use such cloud-based services — without a corporate okay — to store sensitive documents that could violate compliance laws or internal data privacy rules…”

Similarly, Sophos’ Chester Wisniewski explains:

“Dropbox has had a checkered history with security, but perhaps this was the wakeup call they needed.”

IT executives are also facing the daunting challenge posed by what we’ve called the “Dropbox Effect”. A recent article explains the CIO’s dilemma:

Gartner predicts that in less than three years, 35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT budget. Employees will regularly subscribe to collaboration, analytic and other cloud services they want, all with the press of a button. Others will simply build their own applications using readily available cloud-based tools and development platforms.

Thus, the “Consumerization of IT” has created a massive headache for organizations across virtually all industries.


Question: What should IT do? Is there a solution that delivers a secure file sync and share solution and gives your users what they want to remain mobile and efficient while getting sensitive data out of public clouds?

Yes, as it turns out, there is.

We call it MezeoFile – an enterprise-level file sync and share solution which offers the end-user consumer functionality and enterprise security.

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