Taming the Cloud: Cisco & BMC Software?

The recent strategic partnership between Cisco Systems and BMC Software has led to a lot of speculation. Here is my take on why this partnership makes sense from a technology and business perspective: Any time someone serious about service delivery offers up their objections to the potential success of cloud computing, it goes something like … Read more

Trusting the Cloud: The F.T.C. and Google

The trust issue will not go away. In a bit of a publicity stunt, the Electronic Privacy Information Center asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Google’s Cloud Computing Services, specifically concerning: a. the adequacy of Google’s privacy and security safeguards regarding storage of personal information on its Cloud Computing Services; and b. the sufficiency … Read more

Event: Cloud Slam ’09

I’ll be doing a presentation at Cloud Slam ’09 titled: “The Most Interesting Sub-plot in Cloud Computing is Cloud Storage” Here’s what I’ll be talking about: While much of the collective discussion has focused on cloud computing and trying to define it, cloud storage has not so quietly gone from concept to tangible business with … Read more

General Electric: Cloud Testing 1,2,3…

Nicholas Hoover informs us that General Electric is pilot testing the Cloud. Here are a few key points: GE has tens of thousands of servers in 10 primary data centers, and the number of servers in those facilities is growing 20% annually. 60% of GE’s servers are already virtualized. GE is already testing cloud platforms … Read more

McKinsey’s Premature Cloud Report

The last few days have seen a lot of discussion over the McKinsey & Company report: Clearing the Air on Cloud Computing. McKinsey said the cost of the Cloud is high when compared to a large enterprises ability to implement similar services in house. They may, currently, be correct, but over time, this will likely … Read more

Oracle Leaps into the Cloud with Sun

With the Sun acquisition, Larry “what’s a cloud?” Ellison has once again changed the game. Here are a few key points to think about: 1) Oracle becomes the end-to-end IT enabler – from apps to disks; that’s the party line. 2) Oracle begins the journey to the Cloud, and begins to develop the end-to-end Enterprise … Read more

Citrix and Amazon: Not the Best Deal for Service Providers

Maureen O’Gara’s recent Cloudonomics article says: “Citrix has pushed out a cloud solution called Citrix C3 Lab so its followers can use Amazon’s EC2 and S3 as part of their standard technology infrastructure and prototype cloud projects…This week it added XenApp and XenDesktop so service providers can deliver Windows applications and desktops as a service…C3 … Read more