Cloud Storage and The Innovator’s Dilemma

Too many think of cloud storage as just another or the next type of storage. As usual with this view, it is associated with a view that the “next” storage type is bigger, faster and cheaper. Because each generation of storage is always bigger, faster and cheaper. As such, proponents of this view generally believe … Read more

FACT CHECK: ParaScale’s Cloud Storage Service Provider Claims

In a recent interview, Sajai Krishnan, CEO of Parascale, made some interesting observations about the needs of the cloud storage marketplace and how the offerings from Parascale met them. Krishnan gives us his perspective of the cloud storage market and current opportunities in that space, primarily helping service providers build their own cloud storage offering … Read more

Security and Cloud Storage: Everybody Talks About it, but is it Really All That Different?

Articles and blog posts associated with security and cloud computing are a daily occurrence, unless some well-publicized breach occurs in the cloud. At that point the number of commentaries and discussions will increase exponentially, and then, over the following week, return to normal frequency. I decided to focus on security as it relates to cloud … Read more

And I bet you thought Cloud Storage was just a utility computing model applied to storage…

My last post on REST generated some attention. Since it is an important topic, I wanted to share some additional links for those who are trying to improve their understanding of REST: – Stefan Tilkov’s Intro to REST presentation and When is an API RESTful? – Dare Obasanjo’s Explaining REST to Damien Katz – Paul … Read more

And Now, The REST of the Story…

Most of us in the Cloud Storage industry strongly believe that a key capability of a storage cloud is the REST style Web Services API.  Many of the most popular storage cloud services include or exclusively use REST, including SoftLayer’s CloudLayer, Amazon S3, Nirvanix SDN and Rackspace Cloud Files. Other access methods that are most … Read more

Fact-Checking the Fact Check

When we posted our ParaScale Fact Check blog post earlier, it was specifically oriented to a situation where there were specific, unsupported claims by ParaScale. A fact check should be based on facts, not marketing claims or opinions. The claim that ParaScale offers Web services APIs, among other claims, initiated our response. Now, ParaScale not … Read more

Cory Doctorow Misses the Point of Cloud Computing

With all due respect to Cory Doctorow, he’s wrong. In his article Not every cloud has a silver lining (Guardian) he states: There’s something you won’t see mentioned by too many advocates of cloud computing – the main attraction is making money from you. And I suppose all the vendors of physical storage, the hard … Read more

Service Provider Strategies for Building Trust

We’ve discussed ITIL and Cloud Computing and the role of trust as a differentiator for service providers. Yes, we see the evidence that IT Hosting companies and managed service providers are closer to their customers and we see that their differentiation is their commitment to serving the customer. But Amazon, Google, and Microsoft aren’t going … Read more