Caution: Analysts Warn Enterprise Users of the Consequences of Using Public File Sharing Services

The challenges facing organizations never diminish – but they do change over time. As our recent CIO survey shows, cloud data mobility threats and associated security challenges are two concerns CIOs face today. In fact, CIOs are keenly aware of their responsibilities to protect company intellectual property and/or confidential data, while at the same time … Read more

Survey Results: 2012 CIO Enterprise Cloud Data Mobility & Security Survey

The “Consumerization of IT” has dramatically changed the way users work. Whether it’s “Bring Your Own Device” to work (BYOD) or employees storing documents on public clouds for sharing and collaborating purposes, corporate users are seeking out – and implementing – ways to improve efficiency. While you don’t want to stop progress – you can’t … Read more

Cloud Storage Strategy: About Us

Hi and welcome to I’m Steve Lesem, the founder of this site, and co-founder, CEO and President of Mezeo Software, the developer of the leading deployable platform for cloud storage. Our story begins a few years ago when Gray Hall and I worked together at VeriCenter – an industry leader in managed hosting, co-location, … Read more

Cloud Storage API Wars – Here We Go Again

The interesting view that seems to be missing here is that marketplace competition by service providers already serves to drive down the price of cloud storage, so a commoditized stack embraced by most is unlikely to yield extraordinary incremental savings. At the same time, while the competitive market conspires to drive cloud storage costs ever … Read more

The Government, the Pentagon and Cloud Computing

The Obama administration is embracing the cloud in no uncertain terms. The Washington Post reports: “The Pentagon has awarded another contract for cloud computer — which, roughly speaking, involves putting software tools on the ‘net and delivering them to users only when needed.” What they’re talking about is the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) which … Read more

5 Best Car Security Systems in 2021

Introduction This post will outline the top 5 car security systems that are readily available currently. This post will pick the best 5 using several criteria. These include cost, security feedback (such as theft reports etc.) and usability. Optimus Tracker Anti-Theft Device While not a blaring alarm, aimed to scare away any potential thieves, this … Read more